Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Things I Have Learned Since February 3rd

1. The Common Irish Cold is brutal and persistent.

2. Tesco's delivers! Now I don't have to waste precious time going to the grocery store every 2 days to refill my refrigerator with incredibly perishable foods!

3. Kickboxing is a dangerous sport (by that I mean gym class). You might faint if you don't bring water.

4. Seamus Heaney will be at UCD tomorrow! All I have to do to see him is sign up for the Law Society, for a few paltry euros.

5. An Irish load of laundry (Irish load of laundry = 0.5 US loads of laundry) costs 6 euro at UCD. I might not be quite as fragrant as usual. Luckily, it's so cold here that people hardly ever sweat! Unless of course, they kickbox.

6. There is a spider living in my bathtub. He's not paying rent, but I'll offer him sanctuary for now. It's cold outside, and the birds are huge!

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