Saturday, January 23, 2010

Photo Post - Kunming and Lijiang

Since I'm still not a Blogger expert, these pictures are actually in reverse order. I'd recommend going from the bottom up.

the mountain range that looks like a woman lying on her back

Peter and the sunset on the mountain

Tibetan statues, cemented in to overlook the city

the Chinese version of Smokey the Bear

the complex in the middle with the orange roof is the temple where we started climbing

Peter, Fang Yi, and Miriam on top of the mountain

speaking goat

the animal in question

elaborated roof structure at the women's temple in Kunming

women's temple

door to the women's temple

the roofs had WINGS!

women's temple doors

women's temple (the part that wasn't yet restored)

latkes: what happens when Jews go to China

fields of rice near Lijiang

tombs at Dragon Pool Park

Snow Dragon Mountain

another temple at Dragon Pool Park

Chinese trash can

another trash can
the lake at Dragon Pool Park, view of Snow Dragon Mountain

it was so sunny we couldn't look at the camera

the lake was full of carp!

we're standing in front of the hill we weren't allowed to climb (Dragon Pool Park)

the entrance to the old part of Lijiang

the restaurant that saved our lives and our stomachs

she couldn't stop laughing at the Mu Mansion in Lijiang

Mu Mansion complex

we're so Mu

at Boiled Dumpling Aunty

Mu Mansion gates

what the hutongs in Beijing were supposed to look like (this is Lijiang)


one of many bridges in Lijiang

at Lamu's - Tibetan bread and honey

after the overnight bus ride that crushed our souls

before we knew that our souls would be crushed (yes, those are beds on the bus)

camel at the Golden Temple in Kunming

view of Kunming from the Golden Temple (this city is considered rural in China)

the giant fish that rang the bell

bell tower at the Golden Temple

pond at the Golden Temple

for your entertainment

at the Golden Temple

gate at the Golden Temple

the Golden Temple as seen from over a wall

cool tea table

me, Cherry, and Miriam at the Two Gates in Kunming's city center

one of the Two Gates (one of which is a horse!)

egg and tomato soup, fried pumpkin, something beef, something green, and deep-fried corn

the market in Kunming. Miriam knocked over the carrots.

she loves her dragonfruit

my first meal in Kunming - Across the Bridge Noodles

the view from the plane, somewhere over Canada. That's a frozen floodplain.

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