Monday, March 9, 2009

"...and then they went over the cliff."

The next morning, we had plans to travel to Doolin, where the famous Cliffs of Moher are. We decided to walk into town from our hotel, and consequently missed the only bus to Doolin leaving that day. Whoops! We (very stupidly) assumed that there would be at least a few buses going there per day--Dublin Bus has made us soft in the head. We begged our way onto the last tour bus going to Doolin, which was actually kind of nice because we got to stop at a few sites. This is a castle that we saw:

and the view from the castle
green green grass
not the Cliffs of Moher (but I liked these better, and you'll soon know why)
there's something in this picture that I will never see again...
the Burren! our tour bus driver had a lot of geological information for us. it's limestone.
Doolin seafood chowder
the Cliffs of Moher
tower on the Cliffs of Moher
can you figure out the puzzle now?

an erratic rock! carried by the glaciers
When we finally arrived at the Cliffs, we noticed that it was kind of windy, but we were not deterred. I should have known something was up when I was struck by a small rock, but I carried on. The wind picked up...and up...and UP. (We found out afterward that the wind was hitting 70 mph) Long story short, my friend Prarthana was knocked down the stairs and hit her head, and in the process of trying to help her down to the visitor's center, my glasses flew off my face and somewhere out over the water. Whoops.
And now I'm in Bruges! But that's a story for another internet cafe.


  1. hey! I went on that tour! Does that mean you're in Galway? Please tell me you're going to the Aran Islands...

  2. oh no! your glasses! was that "never see again" thing a pun? I LOVE PUNS!!!1!! love the pictures, too.

  3. oh MAN i totally missed that pun! we´ll just pretend it was on purpose.