Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Photo Post - Brussels and Bruges

amazing clock tower in Bruges
funky trees in Bruges that remind me of the ones from that Dr. Seuss story (the one with the pants with no one in them...you know you know what I mean)
canal in Bruges
medieval gatehouse over the bridge in Bruges
palace in Brussels
Brussels cathedral!
"Wasn't me..."
(apparently all the jamb statues on this building are passing the blame for a giant fart--I swear I did not make this up! It was told to me by a Belgian. I cannot tell a lie.)
the real deal: "gauffres avec des fraises et chocolat"
self-portrait of the Mannekin Pis as a Tibetan monk
apparently Brussels is known for their cartoons! they don't have graffiti...they have cartoons.


  1. awesome pictures!

    p.s. - pants with no one in them? don't know that one...

  2. it's in the book with the sneetches. and it's a must-read.