Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"I´ve always wanted my own drawbridge!"

my favorite street, Rue des Teinturiers
the merry-go-round at the Place d'Horloge
view from the top of the city...this is why the popes came here


way #124293569 that you can tell I'm into art history: admiring the groin vaulting
Mr. AwesomeFace
the beautiful grotto where I saw a man brushing his teeth. don't drink that water.

le Palais des Papes
the window bars in Avignon deter criminals with their coolness
that face = excitement that I fit under such a small doorway + my thighs are killing me
sur le Pont / d'Avignon
false doorway in the medieval city walls

From Bruges we made our way to Avignon, on probably the most spectacular train ride I've ever taken. The French countryside is absolutely beautiful, even after an entire day on the TGV. And after the wind and rain in Ireland and Belgium, the warm breeze and blue skies of Avignon just made me want to stay there forever. I may have shamelessly taken a nap standing up while waiting for the bus.

We saw the Palais des Papes (where I almost passed out--woo hoo!), the Musee du Petit Palais, the Pont d'Avignon/St. Benezet and about a million and half side streets--it turns out that Avignon is a really small city, and unless you brought someone to nuzzle with in the Place d'Horloge, you may run out of things to do. But no worries! We became excellent conversationalists. And I managed to meet up with my friend Raine, who is au pair-ing and teaching English in Avignon. I hadn't seen her in almost a year, so it was so incredibly nice to catch up.

If anyone reading this manages to make it out there, we happened to go to this amazing restaurant that you should definitely try. Without a doubt, it was the best meal I had across Europe. On the Rue des Lices, it's called L'Epice & Love, and it is adorable, delicious, and not expensive at all. The chef brought our dishes out and emphatically explained to me that I must eat my chicken "avec les doights" (with your fingers). So I did! I mean, when someone tells you to do something in French, you just do it. Even when everyone else in the restaurant is staring.

The waitress tried to steer me away from the passionfruit cheesecake offered for dessert, saying that it wasn't like American cheesecake, but I pressed on intrepidly, and it was amazing. I've never had anything like it. Basically, you'll just have to go to Avignon and try this restaurant for yourself--but brace yourself, you might not be able to get the cheesecake since they change the menu every day, basing it on what looks good at the market. Is this not the coolest restaurant? And I even forgot to tell you that they had kitchen tools hanging in the window and seashells in the sink. Amazing.

And now for something completely different...

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