Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cajun Lame Squirrel

that's the bag...for real.

I finally tried the infamous squirrel chips, and I have to say, I was disappointed. I was expecting some radical new flavor, something that really deserved the label "Cajun Squirrel." (I'm imagining a dancing, flaming orange squirrel here, possibly wearing some sort of headdress, not a sad-looking squirrel behind bars! He also can't be all that intelligent, since he can clearly fit between those fence slats. No way anyone's voting for THAT squirrel...ha!)

Anyway, the chips basically tasted like barbecue potato chips, except less amazing. I haven't had the Duck and Hoisin Sauce, but I was told to stay away from those, so I'll just relay the message.


  1. hahaha look at the poor squirrel. so you haven't found out why they are called squirrel chips?

  2. i think they're supposed to taste like squirrel...it's possible i just don't know what squirrel tastes like!